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Sports: Road cycling, running, and various other outdoor activities
Favorite Event: Multi-day stage racing
Strengths: Long distances with hills
Entry into endurance sports: Cross country running and track in high school, back in 1976
Years competing in endurance sports: 35

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KC Commoss

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Sports: Cycling, Skiing, Pogo-sticking
Favorite Event: Any day on the saddle
Strengths: Ability to make origami cranes while riding in a 23 mph paceline
Entry into endurance sports: 1st (and only) tri Craigville Beach1996, 1st marathon (and only) Philadelphia 1997, cycling 1999
Years competing in endurance sports: 12


Sports: Cycling, Yoga, Life
Favorite Event: Pan Mass Challenge (OK, not a race, but combining cycling and funding cancer research at the same time? Very Tight!)
Strengths: Helping kids KIT
Entry into endurance sports: Sixth grade lacrosse, baby. Put me on the road to a life of athletics and team play.
Years competing in endurance sports: Let’s say 28. Because that’s how old I am and will forever be.