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Cyclocross is a sport that:

How do you know when its officially Cyclocross season?

To stay “in the know” on all-things-cross, follow this person on Twitter:

Race day is approaching and you just found out that you will have the kids for the day. What do you do on race day?

The Gran Prix of Gloucester is often referred to as:

Its 52F and raining on race day, what’s the best gear for your legs?

When approaching a set of barriers, what is the position of your right hand (if dismounting on left side)?

When approaching a set of barriers at speed, how do you dismount?

You’re at the top of a run-up and racing for 42nd position with one lap to go…what do you do?

Who has the tightest looking cross Team Kit for 2012?

Tubulars are:

What is the best way to cheer someone on at a cross race?


Sports: Cycling, Swimming, Aquabikes, and NOW triathlons again after a 17+ year hiatus!
Favorite Event: Bike race: Yarmouth Clam Festival; Aquabike: Lobsterman
Strengths: Figuring out when to squeeze in a workout between my job and the kids; long distance (both biking and swimming) and power sprints on the bike
Entry into endurance sports: Probably in high school when I would play both the Varsity and then JV lacrosse games (in the same afternoon) because of lack of players, but I did my first full triathlon when I was 13 and bike race when I was 17
Years competing in endurance sports: 20+


Sports: Cycling
Favorite Event: Floyd Bennet Field Race in Brooklyn. It’s an old air field that’s flat and windy. 2.9 mile circuit where most of the race the field PutsTHD.
Strengths: Short crits, moderate hills
Entry into endurance sports: Started in 2000 competing in El Tour de Tucsan Century Perimeter Race
Years competing in endurance sports: 12