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What is the most important thing to bring to Thanksgiving?

Its Thanksgiving morning, what do you do?

Your in-laws mention in passing that you are looking in shape. What is the best response?

Knowing that you like to partake in competitive events, one of your relatives asks about your "training plans" for next year. YOU say:

Best way to avoid confrontation about politics at the dinner table:

An important client seeks your advice on Thanksgiving Day. How do you respond?

Dessert is being served. What is the best option?

After the meal, you choose to do which of the following:

So you got through Thanksgiving. What do you do now?


Rick Hardy

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Sports: Cycling (Road and Cyclocross)
Favorite Event: Time trials, CX (the late, lamented Plymouth North course)
Strengths: Finishing OTB (Off The Back) with panache
Entry into endurance sports: 23 years running cross country, road races and marathons, heel spur surgery hastened entry into bike “racing”. (I have an annual race license; I pay the race entry fee and then am allowed to pretend I’m “racing”)
Years competing in endurance sports: 33


Sports: Cycling
Favorite Event: Channel 3 MTB Race
Strengths: Post Race Festivities!
Entry into endurance sports: Mountain Biking
Years competing in endurance sports: 10