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Rick Hardy

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Sports: Cycling (Road and Cyclocross)
Favorite Event: Time trials, CX (the late, lamented Plymouth North course)
Strengths: Finishing OTB (Off The Back) with panache
Entry into endurance sports: 23 years running cross country, road races and marathons, heel spur surgery hastened entry into bike “racing”. (I have an annual race license; I pay the race entry fee and then am allowed to pretend I’m “racing”)
Years competing in endurance sports: 33


Sports: Cycling
Favorite Event: Channel 3 MTB Race
Strengths: Post Race Festivities!
Entry into endurance sports: Mountain Biking
Years competing in endurance sports: 10


Sports: Cycling
Favorite Event: D2R2 (check it out here)
Strengths: Is getting dropped by stronger riders considered a “strength”? Getting dropped with style!
Entry into endurance sports: I began riding a Univega Nuovo Sport while living on a relatively remote horse farm in NJ. I had no other way to get around, and soon figured out that with a bike (and complete lack of parental supervision) I could cover miles and miles. Still just doing it to get away.
Years competing in endurance sports: “Competing” is a strong word. Pulled my first USAC license in ’01.