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The Brand

“Keeping it tight” is an expression that can mean many things to many people.  However, whether you are an endurance athlete, graphic designer, musician, stay-at-home mom, teacher, or student, you know what it means to “keep it tight” (KIT). It’s an expression that requires no definition because you know it when you see it.

Keep It Tight, LLC promotes the KIT lifestyle by offering apparel to motivate and inspire your inner athlete—and maybe even wick away your sweat! Wearing the Keep It Tight apparel is a way of saying: “hey world, I work hard, I ran 7miles in the rain, I put the hammer down, I sprinkle a little bit of hardcore into my life, I’m tough, I keep it tight…”

But even more, Keep It Tight is about integrating fitness into the work-family-fitness-community balance of your life. We are dedicated to the moms, dads, students, corporate warriors, freelancers—everybody–who strives to achieve this balance.

Embrace the philosophy: work hard; be proud of your accomplishments; and, for God’s sake, Keep It Tight!