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Sports: Cycling, Swimming, Aquabikes, and NOW triathlons again after a 17+ year hiatus!
Favorite Event: Bike race: Yarmouth Clam Festival; Aquabike: Lobsterman
Strengths: Figuring out when to squeeze in a workout between my job and the kids; long distance (both biking and swimming) and power sprints on the bike
Entry into endurance sports: Probably in high school when I would play both the Varsity and then JV lacrosse games (in the same afternoon) because of lack of players, but I did my first full triathlon when I was 13 and bike race when I was 17
Years competing in endurance sports: 20+


Sports: Cycling
Favorite Event: Floyd Bennet Field Race in Brooklyn. It’s an old air field that’s flat and windy. 2.9 mile circuit where most of the race the field PutsTHD.
Strengths: Short crits, moderate hills
Entry into endurance sports: Started in 2000 competing in El Tour de Tucsan Century Perimeter Race
Years competing in endurance sports: 12